Editors Council Criteria

The following are guidelines for Editors Council membership and what to include with your application. 

Editors Application Requirements:

  • Editor or Writer: You are responsible for travel coverage for a print or online publication(s) with a combined circulation and/or Unique Visitors of at least 25,000 per issue.
  • Website Owner: You own a travel website that generates a proven revenue stream and has a minimum of 25,000 unique visitors per month for the past 12 months.
  • Book Editor/Publisher: You are responsible for and actively involved in assigning, editing and writing travel books or apps. Print runs or sales must reach at least 25,000 in the past 12 months.
  • Broadcast Journalist: You host or produce a regularly scheduled program on radio, television, or online/multimedia with a minimum of 25,000 listeners/viewers.

Submit with Application:

  • A Portfolio. Include a PDF of the three most recent mastheads that identify your position. Online and broadcast editors must provide screenshots or a letter from your employer verifying your position.
  • Analytics showing your audience reach. SATW prefers Google Analytics for reporting reach of digital content. We also accept a screenshot of the site's media kit. In the event that a Google Analytics screenshot is not available or in case of discrepancies, Cision is the final source.

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