Canadian Chapter Meeting Information

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SATW Chapter Meeting – PEI – Pre and Post Tours

Tour name: Exploring a less discovered Prince Edward Island

Tour theme: Discovering the Islands hidden gems while exploring the south shore and western region.

Tour dates: June 17-19 (2 nights/3 days)

Description: This is a three-day immersion in some of the Island’s most enticing, intriguing, enchanting coastal areas. We will take you across our Island, bringing you into direct contact with the red clay and saltwater origins of our delicious dishes and vibrant culture. Explore the quaint village of Victoria by the Sea, take-in the jagged red cliffs surrounding the Wind Energy Institute of Canada, visit Island distilleries and local cultural icons. Spend the night in West Point Lighthouse Inn. This engaging, spirited itinerary provides direct, deep contact with the Island’s defining characteristics – her land, sea, and people who live here.

Tour name: Canada’s Food Island

Tour theme: Discovering why Canada’s tiniest province is a big contender on the global culinary stage

Tour dates: June 22-24, 2017 (2 nights – 3 days)

Description: There is something to be said about the peaceful feeling of standing on the shore of a beach all to yourself and just being there in the moment. The culinary experience on Prince Edward Island is not just about world class ingredients and highly skilled chefs. It’s about the love of the land and water that all Islanders share. This 3-day press tour across “Canada’s Food Island” invites media to join us in our kitchens, on our boats, in our fields or on our shores, as we take you for an authentic culinary adventure. Learn to shuck oysters, dig for clams, and prepare delicious dishes from Island chefs. Watch as we teach you our secrets on how to steam, grill, bake, and roast our favourite dishes and enjoy the rewards of eating the freshest food you’ve ever tasted. Whether it be a fine-dining restaurant, a unique cooking class or a barbeque on the beach, we guarantee you flavour you’ll never forget.

Tour name: Step Into Island Life

Tour theme: Hands-on experiences and an insider view on Island life – covering culinary, culture, and coastal activities.

Tour dates: June 22-24, 2017

Description: This colorful, dynamic itinerary takes media on a hands-on experience, deep inside the specialized world of a number of intriguing Islanders. Join an oyster fisherman and learn about what makes Prince Edward Island oysters world famous. Meet a local pilot, help pull his Cessna 172G aircraft out of the hanger and experience aerial views of the Island’s beautiful red cliffs, windmills, lighthouses, and mussel farms. Visit a harness-racing family; meet their horses, trainers, riders; help prepare the horse for a big race. This is a press tour for the journalist who wants to be delivered directly into the thick of some of the Island’s most fascinating activities.
Please note this itinerary may change pending the release of Festival of Small Halls schedule.


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