Active Membership Requirements

Travel journalists who qualify for Active membership will fall into either the Freelance Council or the Editors Council.  Guidelines for Active membership requirements are listed below. 

  • Work published without payment — either of a traditional monetary fee or a proven revenue stream — will not be considered.
  • A travel article, image, video, broadcast, blog entry, website contribution, or mobile app must be editorial content that shows, describes, evaluates, discusses and/or facilitates travel. The viewpoint must not be dictated by any advertiser or travel vendors referenced in the article.
  • Advertorial or promotional copy can be used for one third ( 7) of the points for membership. Advertorial content is paid for by an advertiser, brand or sponsor, such as a resort, a tourist board or a CVB. Sponsored copy should be clearly presented on blogs or in print as sponsored content.Custom publications containing editorial content, such as in-flight magazines, are allowed.
  • Any combination of travel books (or chapters), articles (print or online), images, videos, broadcasts or individual unit sales will be considered. The work need not be bylined or captioned if the editor or publisher of the publication will attest to its authorship.
  • In the case of dual bylines, the production of the team must meet the requirements for two memberships. A single applicant earns half points for a co-bylined article.

You are eligible for the Freelance Council if:

  • You produce travel journalism on a regular basis for a variety of outlets.
  • Your travel message reaches a significant audience.
  • You are paid for the work you produce.
  • Applicants for Freelance Council are reviewed according to a point system. To qualify, applicants must produce 21 points within a 12 month period
  • Click here for Freelance Council Criteria.

You are eligible for the Editors Council if:

  • You work primarily as a staff editor of travel media with a readership of 25,000 or more per month.
  • You are a travel website owner with more than 25,000 UVs per month.
  • Applicants for the Editors Council may be salaried editors or staff writers, or travel website owners. Membership is based on travel content and reach of their media outlets.
  • Click here for Editors Council Criteria.
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