Marco Polo Status

SATW's Marco Polo Membership

Marco Polo membership is awarded by the Board of Directors to members who have provided extraordinary service to SATW. Marco Polo members must have made major contributions to the growth and development of SATW for at least ten years prior to their selection.

Nomination process

Any Society member may propose a Marco Polo candidate to the Marco Polo/Past Presidents (MP/PP) Advisory Board. This high honor is primarily for Associates, though Actives may also be considered. A Marco Polo or Past President will serve as a nominator who will gather a bullet-point list of the nominee’s year-by-year service to SATW, as well as letters of support from MP/PP Advisory Board members. Nominees will be reviewed by the MP/PP Advisory Board and the candidate who receives a majority vote in favor will be recommended to the Society Board of Directors for final review and vote. (March 2008)

Marco Polo designees and Past Presidents are considered SATW members for their lifetimes, provided there are no ethics violations that would cause their removal. Their collective institutional memory and their continued service to the Society make them valued and respected. They are not required to provide additional qualifications in the biennial membership requalification review, and they may list clients and media outlets up to the timing limits imposed in the directory. (April 2008)

Address nominations and requests for further information to

Marco Polo Members

Mary Lu Abbott

Marj Abrams*

Tom Adkinson

Marguerite Allen

Laurie Armstrong

Carol Beck-Edgar

Dave Bruce*

Monica Campbell-Hoppe

Jay Clarke

Aaron Cushman

Hugh DeSamper

Jerry Flemmons*

James C. Forbes*

Chandler Forman*

Lois Gerber

Elliot Gillies

Ewan Gillies*

Alex Henderson*

Bill F. Hensley

Fred Holder*

Bob Jenkins

Iris Sanderson Jones

Howard Kennedy*

Karl H. Koepcke*

Florence Lemkowitz*

Harry W. Malm*

Patrice Manahan*

Lawrence J. Mayran

Colin McDonald*

George E. McGrath *

Rita McKay

Eunice Juckett Meeker*

Marc Michaelson

James Montagnes*

Bill Muster*

Stuart G. Newman

Don Payne

Carl Purcell

Ann Bontempo Scandur

John K. Schulte

Mac Seligman

Phillip D. Shea*

Martha W. Steger

Edward H. Stone

Dianne Stutz

Bob Titley

Jeanne Westphal