2016 Editor's Council Meeting in Denver, Colorado

  April 28 - May 1, 2016 

For meeting information, visit www.satwdenver.com

Editors Council Information

The SATW Editors Council includes members who oversee travel-related content: editors of newspapers, magazines, books and websites, freelance travel editors under contract, self-employed editors managing websites and other travel products, and entrepreneurs providing travel information to the public.

Active members – SATW members who are working journalists – may qualify to affiliate themselves with either the Editors Council or the Freelance Council, depending on what their work entails. Click here for Editors Council criteria.

Editors Council meets annually in addition to the society-wide Annual Convention and may hold other meetings throughout the year.

Editors Council Board of Directors

Chair Chris Gray Faust
First Vice Chair Spud Hilton
Second Vice Chair David Lytle
Secretary Caroline Costello
Treasurer Victor Zak
Immediate Past Chair Anne Banas

To learn more about the Editors Council, please contact Christine Gray Faust, council chair.

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